Every Website Needs a Reliable Home

Your website needs a home from which customers can always see content.  When you host with FireFeather Media, your website is kept safe and secure on the best machines in the industry!  I'm able to offer powerful, reliable hosting for $10 a month, competitive with every other hosting company while including just as many features and offerings.  Additionally, if you register your domain with me and pay for a year of hosting in advance, your domain registration is free!

Stable, Fast and Powerful

Stable & Powerful Hosting ServersWhen you host with the very cheapest services, you never know when your website is going to go down and you will be at the whim of that company as to when the site will come back online.  When you host with FireFeather Media, your website will reside on the most stable and secure servers available, suitable for both intense e-commerce applications and simpler starter websites alike. Located in a brand new, state of the art data center, our servers are supported by multiple carriers, redudant network switches and 24/7 active monitoring so that your website stays online at all times.

Not All Hosts are Equal

When you host with FireFeather Media, you get all the software needed to give you the best website tools available.  Not all hosting companies offer the software that allows me to build you the best there is to offer.

Additionally, neither of us will need to deal with a third party host if you ever have a hosting issue.  There can frequently be issues if I am unable to access everything I need to with another hosting company, or we may need to wait to hear back from another company before we can take the action you need.

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